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Lisa is very unique and has a gift like no other. Whether she's connecting with loved ones on the other side or guiding you through life's challenges you will find she is easy to talk with make you feel comfortable and be your friend.
I am a repeat client and will definitely be back again.

She was very knowledgeable about my particular situation without me even giving her any information prior to the reading. I would recommend her


Lisa is FANTASTIC!!!!! I would definitely recommend you call her. Lisa answered all my questions with ease and she is soooo nice.

I have known Lisa and her entire family for years! She is the real deal! Her insight and knowledge of spiritual health and HEALING is unparalleled! As far as ratings go, is there 100 star review or is 5 the best?! If 5 stars is the best then Lisa gets 100% 5 stars and then some! I can only speak about my experiences but I will say she is truly an AMAZING person and great at what she does!

Hi Lisa,
I found my experience incredibly grounding. The degree to which things affect me at home and at work has been reduced significantly.

My dad passed away a few months ago and it was devastating to me. A friend recommended I speak with Lisa. That first time we spoke was so helpful and raised my spirits (pun intended). I was able to communicate with my dad AND I was no longer scared of dying (a fear I’d dealt with for years). I scheduled weekly sessions with her for a while and now I reach out to her anytime I need a connection with my dad or her intuitive perspective. Lisa is always understanding and patient with me in our sessions. I’m so grateful I found her and have shared her info with others who have lost loved ones recently.                                                                   April